Educational Services

Goldorch Global Limited is involved in the provision of Consultative and Instructional Services to Teachers, School Proprietor’s, Counsellors, field staffs or program personnel in areas requiring specialized knowledge. We also act as a liaison and resource person to private and public agencies in relation to training matters.

Designs and conducts in-service training sessions for teachers and counsellors in areas of expertise. Provides direction and guidance to teachers and counsellors in the planning, development and implementation of effective programs.

Assesses agency training needs and provide consultation to management regarding the availability of training resources.

Develop, coordinate and deliver orientation packages for program personnel.  Coordinates workshops or conferences on specialty topics using expert resource people.

Designs and prepares programs by selecting appropriate content, determining format and arranging for material and human resources.

Acts as a resource to counsellors, teachers, private and public agencies regarding educational methods, visual and audio teaching aids, program planning, etc. Researches latest professional training concepts in specific fields and provides courses to ensure that staff may effectively apply new technology.

Act as a consultant to other programs in related fields.

Act as a resource or provide training courses to industrial firms.

Serves on committees as required.